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S3-Compatible & Lightyears Ahead

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Secure by Default

Files are automatically encrypted before being uploaded.

Globally Distributed Storage Network for Developers

Globally Distributed

Data is broken into smaller pieces and stored on a global network.

Upgrade Your Storage Layer

Backup, Recovery and Archival

Long-term storage for infrequently accessed files for regulatory compliance, disaster recover, or archival purposes.

Media Content Storage

Store large volumes of video, photo, or audio media, including tape/physical alternatives.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Instantly available cloud to compliment your on-prem storage.

Large File Transfer

Temporary storage of large files for sharing or point-to-point transfers.

Log Files Over 4kb

Long-term storage and easy accessibility for log data.

Database Snapshots

Backup and store critical database records.

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Built with Developers in Mind

Tardigrade is the perfect alternative to Amazon S3 -- in fact, it's S3 compatible so you can build your product using Tardigrade as your backend storage layer without any issues. Tardigrade is more secure than S3, it's open source, more affordable, and decentralized.

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How It Works

With decentralized cloud storage, files are encrypted and split into pieces client-side, then distributed across our network of high-performance Storage Nodes, making it virtually impossible for your data to be compromised.

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