Tardigrade Mascot

What’s a Tardigrade?

If you’re wondering why we picked Tardigrade as both a name and mascot, then you’re in the right place. There are many reasons we picked the Tardigrade, but we’ll cover our favorites here. All hail the Tardigrade!

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A Microscopic Beast

Tardigrades can survive almost anything.

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Tardigrades survive for up to 5 minutes at 151 °C (304 °F).

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They live up to a few days in temps below −200 °C (−328 °F).

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Tardigrades can easily live to be over 50 years old.

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They can survive in the vacuum of space for over 10 minutes.

Tardigrades are resilient. Really, really resilient.

From the Antarctic to the vacuum of space, Tardigrades are found and thrive in the absolute harshest conditions. In fact, they’re so resilient that Tardigrades have survived all five mass extinction events. And their ability to survive almost anywhere and anything is an attribute we loved, identified with, and adopted for Tardigrade decentralized storage. Although, we don’t have any nodes in Antarctica or space….yet.

To boldly go where, well, where nothing has gone before.

Tardigrades are trailblazers, pioneers, colonizers, and explorers. They’re often among the very first multicellular animals to colonize new environments. Because they’re the first life to populate new environments, they attract other invertebrates and predators, basically forming the first food chain. Is it a little on the nose that we view ourselves seen as pioneers? Maybe. But, it’s still a pretty damn cool idea.

Tardigrades are found everywhere.

Remember a few paragraphs back when we said Tardigrades are resilient? Since they can survive (and thrive) in pretty much any environment, they’re literally everywhere. Go outside, kick over a rock and guess what? Tardigrades. Once again, we strive to emulate the Tardigrade in this regard. We want our network to be everywhere—maybe not under a rock though.