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The Open Source
Partner Program

The first of its kind: economic empowerment for open-source companies through revenue sharing

See how we treat our partners.

Tardigrade, and our open-source parent company Storj Labs are very passionate about supporting, building, and using open source software. It’s this passion that led us to create our Open Source Partner Program. With this program, every time your users store data on Tardigrade, we will share a generous portion of every dollar earned with our open-source partners. Forever. . .

Members of Our Open Source Partner Program Receive
the Following Benefits:

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Significant, sustainable revenue to help meet budgets and goals.

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Accelerated innovation through reinvesting this new income into R&D.

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Continuous 3-level helpdesk support with account, subscription, and billing management included.

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Increased awareness and demand through joint and co-branded marketing and PR opportunities.

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The Tardigrade
Virtuous Cycle.

By creating one more way for our open-source partners to generate revenue, we’re helping them remain open source, continue to fund innovation and meet other financial goals. Your users get better, cheaper storage for their own open-source needs, and you get more money to grow.

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Build a Connector.

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Tell the World

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Start Earning.

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Through a simple connector, Storj tracks the usage of both commercial
customers and non-paying open-source users. Whenever data from an
open-source project is stored on the platform, we return a significant portion of
the revenue earned back to our partners.
In addition to sharing revenue, we share all the necessary tools, components
and connectors needed to incorporate decentralized cloud storage into your
platform. Easy and effortless.