The COVID-19 Storage Program is Here to Help

If you or your organization are researching to fight the global pandemic, Storj Labs is providing a year of free cloud storage and bandwidth on Tardigrade, and committed to providing over 5 PB of data storage towards COVID-19 research.

Ben Golub

"Our team at Storj Labs wants to help accelerate the work of organizations looking to combat the virus. We hope this research credit will support those on the front lines fighting."

Ben Golub

Executive Chairman & CEO at Storj Labs

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Common Questions

What is the purpose of this program?

The Tardigrade COVID-19 Storage Program provides 1 free terabyte of both storage and bandwidth for one year to organizations doing research on, or working to combat COVID-19.

Do I qualify?

Organizations like local governments, schools, healthcare providers, nonprofits, and other teams associated with COVID-19 relief efforts can qualify. If you’re unsure if your business will qualify for the program, go ahead and apply – our team will review your application and get back with you shortly.

What if I need more than 1 TB?

If you have an urgent need for more than 1 TB, please let us know. We’ll need some more extensive documentation of your needs, but we’re ready to help those who are making an impact.

How long will this program last?

Storj Labs will continue to offer the Tardigrade COVID-19 Storage Program until the impact of the pandemic subsides.

What if I'm already a customer?

Get Free Storage for a Year

Storage prices shouldn’t be a concern when you’re doing research or other work to combat this global health crisis.

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