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Duplicati is an easy to use, open source backup tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android that enables backups to the decentralized cloud. Duplicati users can now take advantage of the benefits of enterprise-grade security backed by SLAs, with end-to-end encryption on every file through a new native integration with Tardigrade.

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Canary version supported. Official Duplicati release coming soon.

Why Tardigrade is Perfect for Duplicati

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No one but you or those you allow can access your data, making it 100% confidential.

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End-to-end encryption is standard, so your data can’t be compromised.

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A globally distributed network ensures your data is always available right when you need it.

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With no single point of failure, data breaches and downtime are finally a thing of the past.

How Tardigrade Works

Files are encrypted and split into pieces client-side, then distributed across our network of high-performance Storage Nodes, making it virtually impossible for your data to be compromised.

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