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Tardigrade is made by Storj Labs – and just like our network, our team is globally distributed and really resilient. We’re working to build a better internet where data breaches are a thing of the past, and privacy is a default human right.

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Our Mission

Build the Decentralized Future

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How We’re Changing Cloud Storage

We believe decentralization is better for the people. With Tardigrade, we’re giving developers a private, secure storage alternative that’s more performant, durable, secure, and more affordable than centralized cloud storage. And even if we really, really wanted to, it’s impossible for us to see any file stored on Tardigrade – which is why we like to say Tardigrade is “trustless”. Our entire code base is open source, so you can be sure it works exactly how we say it does.

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About Tardigrade

Tardigrade is the world’s first, enterprise-grade decentralized cloud provider. Tardigrade is built on the Storj Network made up of unused hard drive space and bandwidth around the globe. By eliminating a central data center, we’re able to significantly reduce costs and resources, allowing us to pass the savings to our customers.

Tardigrade’s S3-compatible gateway encrypts each file client-side, then splits each file into pieces before being distributed across global network of nodes. Our decentralized architecture offers improved out-of-the-box security and privacy for our clients. It also enables better performance and reliability compared to traditional cloud storage.

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Storj Labs Timeline

April 2014

Shawn Wilkinson came up with the idea for Storj Labs and created the first prototype at the Texas Bitcoin Hackathon.

August 2014

Storj first raised funds through an ICO—the initial offering brought in $500,000.

May 2016

Raised $3 million of seed investments that allowed us to launch the second iteration of Storj.

August 2016

Opened Salt Lake City, UT office.

May 2017

Token sale brought in $30 million in just 6.5 days.

May 2017

Opened up our San Francisco office.

June 2017

V2 of the Storage node network goes into production. Reaches peak size of 100,000+ nodes.

March 2018

Storj begins building the V3 network.

March 2018

Ben Gollub joins as the executive chairman and interim CEO at Storj Labs. He was previously co-founder and CEO at Docker.


Alpha for our first product offering, Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Object Storage.

2020 and Beyond

As of 2019, Storj Labs has 55 globally distributed employees, with offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City and remote employees in 12 other countries. We’re currently going into beta with our decentralized, cloud storage product Tardigrade, and we’re adding more nodes to the Storj network daily. Tardigrade will be production-ready this year.

Tardigrade’s S3 compatible gateway encrypts each file client-side (by default) and then splits each file into pieces before distribution across our network of connected devices. Our decentralized architecture offers improved out-of-the-box security and privacy for our clients. It also enables better performance and reliability compared to centralized/legacy/traditional cloud storage providers.

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Jobs at Storj Labs

Storj Labs Leadership Team

Ben Golub

Executive Chairman & Interim CEO

Shawn Wilkinson

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

JT Olio

VP of Engineering

John Gleeson

VP of Operations

Katherine Johnson

General Counsel, VP of Compliance & HR

Matthew May

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Ford

Chief Marketing Officer

Dorrie Chung

Senior Director of Finance

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